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What is the best thing I could do to help become a Pediatrician? What programs should I join? How can I help out in hospitals? How could I explore this career interest?

I am in my first year of high school and I'm trying to figure out things I could do to become a pediatrician such as the right schools and stuff like that. #pediatrician #pediatrics #pediatric-nursing #doctor #professionals #pediatric-nursing

Hi Cristal, Gurpreet here, Community Manager at CareerVillage! These are all GREAT questions but in the future, please try to dedicate one post to each question. That way professionals can go into more details on each of them! Gurpreet Lally

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2 answers

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Ghenna’s Answer

Hello Cristal,

Becoming a pediatrician is a great career and it is great that you are already researching on the path to becoming one t such a young age.
You would have to attend college and then apply to Medical School, and from there apply to a pediatrics residency program.

In the meantime, you can shadow a doctor at your local hospital or clinic. Additionally, some hospitals offer volunteering opportunities and internships for high school students interested in medicine. This would provide you with great insight into the medical field. Due to covid, I would do some research into the hospitals near you and see if there are any programs available right now.

You can also contact your counselor or advisor and ask them on what to do next and if your school has any opportunities/clubs for you to participate in.

Best of luck!

Will do and thank you so much for the tips! Cristal A.

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Estelle’s Answer

Becoming a pediatrician is an awesome goal! You will need a 4 year degree from college. Choose a major that really interests you so that you make great grades and get good recommendations from professors that see your potential. Medical school is another 4 years and then pediatric residency is 3 years. To stay motivated, volunteer at local clinics or shadow a pediatrician. We have a local clinic that allows high school and college students to scribe for providers. This gives the students the opportunity to see healthcare in action and learn the language of medicine.
Good luck!

Alright! Thank you so much! Cristal A.

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