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What are the most challenging parts of your job as a counselor?

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2 answers

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Alexis’s Answer

This is a realistic question for the career choice as a Counselor. The following list of challenges for me as a Counselor are:
I. The impact that the Covid 19 Pandemic has had on the stress level for my clients and the isolation that they feel due to no in person sessions.
II. Dealing with the loneliness epidemic which can present emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual distressymps linked to significant increase in depressive symptoms.
III. Focusing on hope and how to maintain it as a powerful resource.
IV. Although this may sound trivial or obvious, engaging in the need for adults to first take care of themselves.
V. Embodying integration of gendered perspectives and culture.

I hope that some of the information about challenges that I face as a Counselor have given you some insight into the field.

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Hi Marcus,

Excellent Question! To start with, different type of counselor has different type of challenges. Thus, I would like to jot down the basic challenges which are encountered by every counselor.

1. Building a rapport with the client: Since every client has difference life experiences, also some are willingly coming to the counselors others are forced by their parents or family. Thus, it is very essential to establish a good relationship with your client by understanding the real intention and adapting the right way of addressing them. Though, this can be tiring when clients are reluctant to every efforts you made.

2. Biased decisions based on personal judgement or experience: Counselors also faces difficult situations in their life. If you are determine that you want to take this profession ahead. It is an essential requirement that you have to leave every biased approach (Whether it is Gender, Race, Religion, Culture or a Country). Don't judge the client based on your life experience with others. Furthermore, it is paramount that you should have a good understanding of different cultures, religion and their sensitive issues. Lack of knowledge can offend your client. Certainly, if you don't know anything about the culture or other factors, you should take time to read about it.

3. Building Relationship with your client: Always keep it professional and know your boundaries. As some clients are very sensitive. If you tend to be slightly personal with them. Then you have to maintain it for the life time. As it can hurt their sentimental.

4. Counsel yourself: Time to time it is required that you should attend motivating sessions and even read books (Self-help), in order to relax yourself and give a fresh start when you meet your client. As often counselor ignore their mental health which leads to stress, anxiety and depression. Don't feel awkward to speak to someone just because you are the counselor.

5. Speed: Don't always analyse the case before-hand. Every client speed is different. Take your time and understand the client. Don't promise to resolve the issue on the very first day by giving the amount of days you will need. Analyse!

Finally, if you really want to be a counselor, don’t let any of these challenges deter you at any given time. Eventually, you will find your own idiosyncratic ways of addressing them, and you can always seek advice from more experienced counselors.

Remember: "In the end, the joys of profession surely outweigh the challenges."

I hope it helps. All the best!

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