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When applying to a research school, what would be best to highlight throughout my college application?

I am currently a high school junior, I will go to college to study Chemical Engineering. I understand research is important to highlight, but other than that, what would show schools like MIT, GA Tech, and Cal Tech that I am prepared to attend their institution? #college #engineering #chemistry #chemical-engineering #college-applications #application

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2 answers

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Jeff’s Answer

You have picked quite an impressive lists of schools to apply to, good luck with them.

The first thing you need is high grades, esp in subjects of math and sciences. For a school like MIT, you need to probably be the top rated person in your school. The next thing is impressive SAT scores. The next thing to look at is extracurricular activities, do you volunteer? Are you a captain in a varsity sport? Do you have a job?

If you get into any or all of these colleges that will be great. However, even if you don't, you can still do quite well for yourself with a degree at another college. There is a shortage of engineers and that shortage is projected to grow.

Good luck

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Jenn’s Answer

I think Jeff has provided a great answer, and I would definitely agree that grades are the number one thing to get in order. After that, admissions officers are looking for achievement in other areas (extracurriculars, volunteer work, outside research, etc.) and evidence that you are a well-rounded person who would be a positive addition to the community. Regarding this last point, your personal essay in your college applications can be hugely helpful in the admissions decision. Don't rush through these - spend time thinking about what parts of your personality and high school experience you think it's important for the admissions officers to know, and then think about how you can best communicate those in your essays.