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What is the best laptop for a student pursuing to be a software engineer

I am a first year Computer Science Major. And I am also taking the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google. #computer-science #computer #software #programming #software-development #software-engineer #google

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4 answers

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Ian’s Answer

I recommend Linux.

Almost all engineers at Google do their development on Linux. Learning about Linux will very likely be helpful for your career.

Make sure to get Intel Graphics (without Nvidia or AMD) and Intel Wifi to ensure compatibility.

Thanking you Sowmiya K.

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Wael’s Answer

You don't need anything special. I urge you to have windows as an operating system however. It would make things easier for you.

Thank you sir Sowmiya K.

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Johan’s Answer

When I studied CS in university most people used linux laptops or macbooks.

I had a ThinkPad laptop where I would reinstall a new flavour of linux every year or so. Linux is the de-facto standard operating system for web servers and web based apps, so learning linux by using it every day is invaluable.

An alternative is using a Macbook. OSX is based on Unix which makes it largely compatible with, and very similar to, linux. With OSX you pay extra for the convenience of having the operating system work perfectly with the hardware. With linux, you may have to do some extra work just to get your computer in a state where everything works well.

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Fred’s Answer

I would recommend getting a system that you can install Linux.

An additional consideration would to add a virtualization so you can setup multiple development environments. So make sure you have enough memory to support virtualization.