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Should I apply for google winter internship?

I am currently a rising senior at an accredited liberal arts college. I started my computer science major in the past year, which is relatively late compared to many other students. I have been taking online courses and summer courses to catch up because computer science really fascinates me. I...

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What type of degree is needed to be a computer technician?

I was wondering what type of degree or if i even need to go to college for this profession, but i've tried looking it up on many occupations but i dont get the answer i'm looking for. #computer-science #computer-software...


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Will S. Oct 25, 2016 1684 views

Will there not be a demand for a degree in Computer Science in the future?

I was originally planning on going into Computer Science, but I heard from a few teachers and students that there won't be a high demand for it because so many students are going into that field now. Last year at my school, there was one AP computer science class. This year, there are seven AP...

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Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Software Engineering?

I want to pursue a career involving programming/ software development but i'm not sure what degree to study in university. The two courses I have found that would lead to a career in my desired field are Bachelor of Computer Science ( or...

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