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what are the career options for a computer science graduate?

Asked Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Ian’s Answer

Updated California, California

With software being more and more prevalent, almost every field needs people who understand it at a deep level. Most opportunities will be somehow related to writing software, but there are no limitations on the context.

Victoria’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Having a knowledge of computer systems and programming can open the doors to many types of careers. There is a lot of software being developed in large companies to automate their business processes so you are not limited to working for software development companies like Microsoft. Typical software related careers can be developer, software tester, business analyst and project manager. All businesses have some kind of association with technology, from Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, there are also consulting companies that hire IT specialists and have them work short term assignments for various other companies. It is a good career choice as there are many options.

Cristina’s Answer

Updated Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

hello! Sometimes companies offer rotation programs within the graduate program for employees to learn different areas and find which ones they like the most.

Also, you can look for Graduate Talks in your local area/webinars. Technology Meet-ups Career Guidance Teachers

And connect with Dell Careers on Social Media or other IT companies

Good luck!

Srinivas’s Answer


There are multiple career options. First you need to determine what would your Area of Interest would be. Below are a few domains. If you could respond your Interest area I can elaborate.

  1. Front End design. (Software Interface or User Interface designing)
  2. Software Development (Backend coding).
  3. Database Designing. 4.Database Administration.
  4. Software Testing.
  5. Research and Development.
  6. Software Support.(Supporting the End User).
  7. Networking and Internet.
  8. Website Development and Administration.