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Is there any good amount of Scope/future opportunities after doing B.A (Hons) in International Relations or B.A (Hons) in Political Science, if not will there be more opportunities after Masters?

I'm currently applying for colleges and am In my last year of High School in Which I've took Humanities, I'm really interested in International Relations and Political Science for now, and I will learn languages while in college on my own or joining separate classes, my Aim for now is to Give the Indian Civil Services exam after my Bachelor's Degree but I am not sure if I should take one of these subjects as my degree because what if I don't get selected in the Civil Services?
Also would a 4 year B.A Hons (Reasearch) International Relations degree be better than the 2 3 year degrees suggested above or should I pursue masters after 3 year Bachelor's? I live in India and am looking for colleges in Bachelor's here itself, I don't have a problem working or doing master's abroad. #india #polticalscience #humanities #ba #ba #arts #internationalrelations #ir #civilservices #upsc

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Chirag!!

The professional world has gone global. If you’re interested in current events, politics, and government, a degree in political science may be right for you. However, the professional world is more connected than ever thanks to the advent of evolving technology and social media. Think about it... Even current events are shared in real-time. This creates both challenges and opportunities across increasingly linked societies. In today’s global economy, your interest in world culture could be very valuable to just about any organization in nearly any industry.

I'm in the US and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, growing international trade and an increasingly global economy will contribute to above average employment growth for interpreters and translators, which is expected to climb 18% between 2016 and 2026. For political science majors interested in a career as a political scientist, they project growth in employment of 3%. Remember, this is the US.

For you to become a political scientist, it would usually require a master’s degree or PhD. International studies is a much broader discipline and so the professional requirements would depend on the specific area of interest. Different occupations might require additional education or licenses, etc.

No matter if you're considering a degree in political science or international relations, it is important to understand that both disciplines can have a substantial impact by raising awareness of pressing societal issues and encouraging action. However, both paths seek to impact policy in very different ways. Having a firm understanding of the differences between the two can play a vital role in helping you determine which degree is best aligned with your career goals.

I hope this helps!!
Good luck!

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Thank you so much Mark! This clears up quite a lot! Chirag J.