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kevine Jul 21, 2022 435 views

Is carpentry the best option

why would carpentry be a good trade or career for someone?
if you were to own a construction business, what would be some of the requirements for your job?
outside of work , what something that interests you

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Jul 22, 2022 499 views

Any advice on the things I’m interested in ?

I don't have a career goal yet, I'm looking for advice, I'm interested in public relations , fashion, modeling, sports, trade schools for painting and carpentry.

Any advice on the things I’m interested in ?

Chirag’s Avatar
Chirag Apr 30, 2021 939 views

Is there any good amount of Scope/future opportunities after doing B.A (Hons) in International Relations or B.A (Hons) in Political Science, if not will there be more opportunities after Masters?

I'm currently applying for colleges and am In my last year of High School in Which I've took Humanities, I'm really interested in International Relations and Political Science for now, and I will learn languages while in college on my own or joining separate classes, my Aim for now is to Give...

Omari’s Avatar
Omari Jun 16, 2022 617 views

What Advice Would You Give To a Teen Who Is Starting to Have an Interest in Computer Science and Automotive?

Hello! As a child I have always had a passion for cars, which is still reigning now, but I have down this newfound love for CS. What advice would you give someone who is willing to a career in these sectors, and is there any resources that I can use to help gain further knowledge about them?

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LeAndrew Jun 29, 2022 908 views

What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring for managers or supervisors ?

manager or a supervisor position

LeAndrew’s Avatar
LeAndrew Jun 29, 2022 517 views

I am currently interested in working as a sales representative, wholesale and manufacturing. What steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field?

I want to know more