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which is the best college to go to if I'd like to pursue forensic psychiatry?

long answers would be greatly appreciated. forensic psycholgists, psychiatrists and scientists are welcome to answer my question. university

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1 answer

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Matthew’s Answer

This is a bit out of my expertise, but I think the most important thing to remember is that your degree is secondary to your experience.

If you're passionate about a field, pursue it. I'd recommend speaking to a career counselor at your school for their advice, and make an effort early on - I'm talking early Freshman year - to keep an eye open for internship opportunities with the kinds of companies that you want to hire you.

Absent some kind of standardized certification requiring a specific academic background, most professions don't care so much about your degree as your skillset and experience. Be chipper, be polite, and show your passion to employers as early as you can.

The most successful people that I know, independent of industry, started working for their companies by Sophomore year and just kept growing in their roles.

Hope that helped, sorry it was vague.