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What is the best educational and cost efficient route for nursing?

I've been told to start out with my associates and get my RN, and then later explore an RN to BSN program. But I've also been told going to school for the two years to get my RN instead of getting my BSN right away would be a foolish mistake, and I would never find a job. What route should I take to give myself the best opportunities and sae the most money? #nursing #college-major #healthcare #health #pediatric-nursing #nursing-education #financial-planning #registered-nursing

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Fuzzy’s Answer

The national spotlight on the Registered Nurse shortage has helped to generate strong interest in nursing careers among those new to the workforce and those seeking a career change. With salaries climbing, opportunities expanding, and the demand for nursing services on the rise, now is an exciting time to join the nursing profession. This article discusses the traditional entry points into Registered Nursing, specifically Baccalaureate Degree Programs, Associate Degree Programs, and Diploma Programs, as well as emerging routes, which include entry-level master’s programs, community college-based baccalaureate programs, and degree completion programs for Licensed Practical Nurses and other allied health providers. With multiple opportunities for progression to advanced degrees in nursing, the authors also touch on graduate education options including online programs, baccalaureate to doctoral programs, along with Clinical Nurse Leader and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs.