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avery’s Avatar
avery Oct 21, 2016 851 views

Were you able to get an internship with this career? If so how did it help you?

How did having an internship help you with your career and how long after did it take you to get the job? #career #internships #college-jobs

Aduda’s Avatar
Aduda Dec 23, 2016 934 views

Is it possible to study law even if l did not study history and cre in high school?

I had been aspiring to become an electrochemical engineer but now l have gained intrest in law. The subjects l took in high school are:Mathematics,English,Kiswahili,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,Geography and Agriculture. I therefore do not know if it is possible for me to study...

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Oct 23, 2016 893 views

There are new technological advances in the science field that have created such things as robotic surgery, so my question is that with these technological advances do you think our society is moving to a robotic or technology careers, even in medicine?

I am pursuing a career in medicine and I wonder about the job prospects. I have seen these new technological advances in medicine and I wonder if it is truly an advancement or if it is just a cheaper version of a doctor. I wonder if it is safe to put human lives under the care of robots instead...

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 07, 2016 788 views

Are there some medical/pre-medical summer camps or internships in LA that a high schooler can attend?

I want to gain more expertise in the medical field as a high school student and a summer camp seems to be the most efficient way to do that. #career-path-planning #summer-programs

Rida’s Avatar
Rida Jan 24, 2017 1713 views

How is supply chain of companies with the advancement of technology?

I am a supply chain major and i want to know if i should do a minor in Information Systems to make myself more marketable #project-management #supply-chain #supply-management

Jenah’s Avatar
Jenah Oct 24, 2016 946 views

What are the statistics of a Chemical Engineer ending up in a leadership role within industry?

I am planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering because I am very drawn to the idea of being offered a new challenge at work every day. I am a problem solver and want to relate that skill to the real world. However, I am also very drawn to the business world, and would like to eventually end...

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Oct 26, 2016 897 views

Does doing well in classes not specific to majors important?

I am a math/science based person, and i cannot do as well in history and literature/language. Will this affect me in the long run? #stem #women-in-stem #stem-education

morgan’s Avatar
morgan Oct 29, 2016 827 views

What is the best educational and cost efficient route for nursing?

I've been told to start out with my associates and get my RN, and then later explore an RN to BSN program. But I've also been told going to school for the two years to get my RN instead of getting my BSN right away would be a foolish mistake, and I would never find a job. What route should I...

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Oct 30, 2016 965 views

Would STEM extend to teaching these disciplines?

I enjoy math and education. One of the things that interest me is teaching Math. #teacher #math #higher-education

dinesh’s Avatar
dinesh Jan 25, 2017 1014 views

I have taken PCMC in pu what should do in degree

Done my pu taken pcmc what should i do in degree to earn good income #doctor #engineering #teacher #team-leadership

wignez’s Avatar
wignez May 21, 2016 943 views

what to do after 12th if i had taker computer science(pcmc)

i just want a clear explanation.
#engineering #educators

mamtha’s Avatar
mamtha May 21, 2016 1759 views

after puc which coures i want to take

in science #educator

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana Apr 30, 2016 1340 views

To get trained on neurologist?

Hi. I am interested in doing Doctor. Can u help me out the process to do a doctor and to study deeply on Human Brain? Can u brief me the degrees to be done for the same or what are the degrees to be completed. Pls give me the answer which relates to Tamilnadu students #doctor #professor...

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Oct 20, 2016 686 views

What exactly will I learn with a bachelor in, let's say, mechanical engineering?

I hear the word thrown around a lot, but what really is the concrete way to explain what is taught in this major. I am preparing for college and engineering is a major pathway that I am highly considering. If I were to decide to major in mechanical engineering, what would I learn and how would...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Oct 24, 2016 1295 views

How difficult is it to become a math teacher in NJ?

Changes in testing, testing form an out of state college, getting a job, etc. #education #math