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As a computer scientist/programmer, is there anything you would change about the environment of your job?

Do you find the place you work at stressful or comforting? Any windows? Lots of room or are you in a cubicle? I would like to have an understanding of how the working atmosphere will likely be within the computer science field. #computer-science #computer-software #computer #computer-programming #software-development #web-development #development #program-development

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A big trend of late is the concept of open floor space (basically, removing you from your cubes and having everyone in one place with no walls).

We are in the midst of going there and no one seems too thrilled.

Another note to keep in mind is that telecommuting, or the power to work from home, is readily available. You have to have discipline and a nice work space to make that efficient.

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As Joanne mentioned the new trend following the new digital startups (Google, Facebook, etc.) is to adopt open floor plan. It works well for companies/teams that are located in same building or larger portions of teams are collocated. It works well as it does project open areas and lots of areas for collaboration team work space (rather than formal conference rooms).

Last updated Dec 22 '16 at 08:16

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