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To what extent does being a woman interested in a STEM field benefit or disadvantage me in terms of college admissions and later career opportunities?

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I am asking this question because I am interested in entering a STEM field. I am currently undecided on the major I want to go into in college, though I know that it will be in a STEM field. I want to be aware of the opportunities that will come along with my choices to go into a STEM field, and whether I will have the advantage as a woman when it comes to college admissions and financial aid. Furthermore, I want to know to what extent being a woman will help or hinder me when it comes time to find a job. Because STEM fields are those that are traditionally male-oriented, I want to know how breaking that boundary will help or hinder my ability to get a job and be taken seriously as a woman in STEM. #college #engineering #career #science #college-admissions #stem #admissions #women

2 answers

Monica’s Answer


the positive thing is that the STEM field is welcoming females due to the benefit of diverse ideas and to be honest, the greater number of population of females available to join the workforce. You will definitely see a larger salary for yourself coming from STEM than other traditional careers chosen by females. But even so, the salaries currently are lower than males in all industries. So you will find many opportunities, and be able to make good money. In terms of college admissions, you will likely be a minority, so that will help you. In terms of scholarships, again, you will be a minority vs the amount of males applying for the same funds, so you will have an advantage. For financial aid you may not have any advantage since financial aid is not based on gender or other aspects of unique identity as much as it is reviewed and granted on the basis of financial need.

In looking for a job, being a woman will offer an advantage given that there are less females traditionally applying or searching for STEM jobs. That is why there is so much marketing and media to attract females to the STEM fields. You are needed! for your diverse ideas, for your ability to multi-task, and your ability to nurture and negotiate relationships! All those are the greatest benefits that being a female brings to the workplace, any workplace.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma about women working at all, and even moreso in jobs of critical thinking. Until more time passes, there may be challenges in being taken seriously in STEM. First of all, because you'll be a rookie, and secondly, because many of the people already in the workforce are from previous generations that are not used to females being peers. But! the only way to relieve that symptom is to keep at it!

Vernon’s Answer


Congratulations! Any major you engage in the STEM field will be a GREAT opportunity for a woman....., but not in the United States. Get your advanced degrees while learning a second language. While you're doing that, contact European and Canadian companies and immigration offices to find internships and make connections for career development.

The next four years will be very bad for women, science and technical development here due to...........

Good luck.