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Kimia Nov 01, 2016 953 views

Is it beneficial to show evidence of branching out in my career and expanding upon my future career options by minoring in a field different from my major?

I am planning on entering college as a bioengineering major, though that is subjective to change depending on the college. However, I was wondering whether it would be beneficial for me to apply with a business, political science, or history minor to add more to my resume and degree. It would...

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Kimia Nov 01, 2016 1111 views

To what extent does being a woman interested in a STEM field benefit or disadvantage me in terms of college admissions and later career opportunities?

I am asking this question because I am interested in entering a STEM field. I am currently undecided on the major I want to go into in college, though I know that it will be in a STEM field. I want to be aware of the opportunities that will come along with my choices to go into a STEM field,...