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Which colleges/universities should I apply to?

Asked Los Angeles, California

I live in California, and I am reluctant to go too far for college. I would like to stay relatively close to home, so I can visit my parents and come back home without having to travel too far. I'm interested in computer science and psychology, and I would like to do something in one of those fields. What kind of criteria should I be looking for in a college? Should I pick a college that is closer to home but may not be as academically rigorous as one that is further away? #college #engineering #career #science #psychology #computer #university

3 answers

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Again!

Community College one of the greatest benefits a community can offer.. You would be surprised how many employers will hire you with just a 2 year degree, especially in Computer Science, and pay for the last two years or further training if necessary.. It is really important for you to talk to the head of alumni relations to arrange to talk with graduates who are doing what you want to do. Do not take unnecessary time and spend unnecessary money getting an education. Also, look into coop and intern programs at the community college, as they can be a great entry to the workplace. They let you see the inside of the career and make you more marketable as you have that experience and connections. Too many people try to do things that seem "cool" but actually are not in their best interest. Best of luck!

Lashay’s Answer


I would encourage you to stay in state for several reasons. California has some great colleges and universities. The cost of going to college out of state is an extremely higher cost, unless you are being offered scholarships that will cover most or all of your expenses. Finally, you can visit home each holiday and extended break without much hassle (going 3-5 hours away from home). Even staying closer can curb expenses but for greater independence it's worth the distance. Best of luck I'm your choice! I went to college three hours away from home and loved it. It gave me just enough personal growth and independence while allowing me to be home each break.

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Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington

Hello, Albert. California offers a number of great colleges you could consider attending. At the top are several University of California campus: Berkeley, UCLA and UCSD, not to mention Stanford. I had a nephew who got his degree in computer science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The town is quite lovely and only about 15 miles from scenic Moro Rock and the Pacific. The campus is in a nice setting. I encourage you to look into this possibility and visit this campus.

My nephew so far has had an interesting early career, working at several prestigious firms. He currently works for a firm in Silicon Valley.

Good luck, Pete Sturtevant

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