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What makes a good chief good?

Of course it would be the types of meals they make but what about the chief as a person make them a good chief? Would their emotions reflect on the food they make? business chief entrepreneur culinary cooking

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4 answers

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Aimee’s Answer

We all like to do new things, but cooking is really about doing the same thing over and over again, so to find joy in that is the real key to become a really good chef.
Being a great chef is about more than cooking well. A chef is a departmental manager, in charge of running the kitchen. They have to manage staff, plan and cost menus, and oversee quality control and ordering.
Learning from experienced professionals is the fastest way to master all areas of the chef’s craft. With proper training, you enter the workplace ready to master your craft through first-hand experience.
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RAVI’s Answer

I am not a chef, but I love cooking. I consider myself a good cook - my own family and friends love my cooking! I also love to eat good food.
So please do take my answer from that perspective only.

1. Presentation of food is probably more important than the actual food itself. It must be attractive, appealing, enticing and make people want it. So, please learn about great presentation skills, artistry of plating, cutting the vegetables etc. Creativity is king.

2. Need to have a great personality to work with rest of the staff in the kitchen, the management, and the patrons. I big smile and warm personality attract people. When all the above set of people want to be with you, want to be around you, they will elevate your stature.

3. Great communication skills will emphasize your cooking to the next level.

4. Good business and financial sense will also take you to be a good chef. It is not only important to cook good food, present it well, it also must be priced appropriately. Cost of the goods, cost of preparation and other details will help you plan and price the food you prepare. That will bring additional exposure needed by the clientele.

Hope some of these points resonate. Again, I am not a professional. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
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Jack’s Answer

Aimee is right being a chef is not all about the cooking. But you do have to know how to cook because to lead a team you have also teach and you need to know how before you can teach. The one thing that you need to most of is passion. To have to work long hours on weekends and holidays you need that fore to keep going and that is passion.
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Jeffrey’s Answer

Hi Itari,

I do not know much about being a good chef, but I do know that there are many reality TV shows about cooking. This is an entertaining, easy, and low risk way to learn what it takes to be a good chef. There are also plenty of books and articles on the topic. You might even look for a volunteer job where you can assist a chef. There might be summer culinary camps. Or you might interview a chef and write an article or essay about what you learned. There are dozens of ways to learn about what makes a good chef.

Good Luck