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What social media skills can I learn to put on my resume?

I am not a communications or advertising/marketing major. I am a STEM major. But, I heard that many jobs want skills in social media and online resources. I know how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google Drive/Docs, DropBox, and Mendeley. Can these be added to my resume? What other websites can I learn to use that may be good resume boosters? #college #job-search #communications #resume #stem #social-media #communication-skills #job-application

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5 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

This is a great question. All of the social media pages you mentioned will help you with any professional job and additionally, any basic hard web skills you have building basic websites, managing a blog, creating memes or other content, can really help foster a common interest community on the internet, regardless of the industry or business model. Playing around with Wordpress,com, Weebly.com, or Square Space.com to learn the fundamentals of building and managing a few webpages, will allow you to feel comfortable managing a community in any field, including math and science. Knowing how to create event invitations online, use hashtags appropriately to mine topics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other "trending" sites can help you connect to others in the STEM field, working on similar topics as you.

Learning how to leverage Q&A sites like Quora.com and Reddit,com can be helpful for any kind of professional, but especially in STEM fields where you might want to connect with other scientists or engineers working on similar research topics as you. It's a great way to create subcommunities based on common interests, and to do primary research with potential customers or subject matter experts. I hope this helps!

Thank you! Jackie G.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Jakie!

It is very important to remember that a resume is to be a concise and streamlined document focused on the career area that it addresses and contains only those items that are relevant and used in that career area.

It is very important also to remember that interpersonal relationships and interpersonal communication are very important. Too often people, especially in STEM related careers, over look the importance of face to face interaction. References to skills and experiences in these areas are important also to include on your resume. Formulating and participating in engineering and scientific endeavors are not worth much unless someone can adequately communicate to explain their operation and importance in both the spoken and written word.

Thank you! Jackie G.

You are welcome. Please keep me posted. Best of luck! Ken Simmons

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Serge V.’s Answer

Hi Jackie G!!

On social media skills you can use is LinkedIn, Zoom, Skype. These are great ways to network and learn more about the path you want to take. LinkedIn is very good because professionals are willing to give you advice. Hope this helps you out. Keep me posted.


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Chantel’s Answer

In this instance, it will be all about how you market your skill. Think of how your social media savvy will benefit the company. For example, is their Twitter alive and well? If not, what can you do to change that and foster an online community that is giving feedback.

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Fiona’s Answer

It really depends on the role you are applying for. Is the particular social media skill relevant to the role? If so, do put it in.