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What is a good Volunteering idea for Health Administration?

Im sophmore at Rutgers University. I plan on majoring in Heath Administration. What are some good places to volunteer at so that i can learn more? #college #healthcare #volunteering #hospital-and-health-care #public-health #young-adults

you could ask someone in your career and development department. Some good ideas are non profits and hospitals. It also depends on what area of health administration you want to focus on. Rachel B.

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4 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

When I first started college I volunteered at a hospital. They needed help delivering mail and flowers to patients, discharging patients via wheelchair to their transportation, filing charts in various departments, etc. You really get a feel for how the place operates while you learn your way around. I got to interact with people from the administrators down to the patients, learned what each department covered, and how the departments work with each other. If you've decided what setting you want to work in, call them up and ask if they have needs, usually managed by a volunteer coordinator. Another thing that may be helpful is to go to industry conferences and trade shows, sometimes these events will allow you to volunteer some time in exchange for entry. The same goes for trade organizations online, they frequently have reduced member fees for students.

I want to volunteer a lot in a hospital in Canada. I am a pharmacy and have worked for many years in the administrative area in hospitals. Sensational experience Najara Fonseca T. Silva

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Elaine’s Answer

Good thinking! Something to consider might be a hospice facility. My experience was small, but eye-opening. Serving patients of all ages in comfort care takes a high level of compassion as well as listening, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Getting HIPPA training whether you are reuired or not ia excellent praxtice for health care related work. This was a requirement for me as a volunteer for our YMCA Diabetes Prevention program, which might be another avenue to look into. Hope this help!

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Juliana’s Answer

See if there is a nursing home in your area. They can always use the help! I think its wonderful that you are planning to volunteer your time to the community.

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Najara’s Answer

I plan the specialization in Health Administration. What are some good places to volunteer so that I can learn more and college with courses in this area? #healt #hospital-and-health-care #hospice-nurse #pharmaceuticals #biology #medicine #medical-practice