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Lisa Merenda

Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant
Healthcare Support Occupations
Los Angeles, California
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Klaryssa Sep 01, 2017 713 views

How can I pay for classes without financial aid, and without taking out a student loan?

I was denied financial aid, and I do not want to take out a student loan until I am accepted into a program. I am aspiring to become an occupational therapy assistant. I need money to finish my last prerequisite classes until I apply. I cannot afford to pay for the classes with all of my bills....

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie May 18, 2016 1093 views

As a woman, is it ever difficult to work in a male-dominated work environment?

Being a health professional is often seen as a job held by men, which could get intimidating. #medicine #health #hospital-and-health-care

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Feb 02, 2017 1145 views

What is a good Volunteering idea for Health Administration?

Im sophmore at Rutgers University. I plan on majoring in Heath Administration. What are some good places to volunteer at so that i can learn more? #college #healthcare #volunteering #hospital-and-health-care #public-health #young-adults

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 17, 2017 1105 views

How do employer's really see an applicant with a disability?

I have a tracheotomy and although I am familiar with the laws pertaining to those who are disabled, do employers actually consider hiring you if you are disabled in the back of their minds? I have been out of work for a while due to my issue, but finally have the situation under control. I...

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra May 20, 2016 1737 views

What is the most important thing about college?

I just want to know people's thoughts on what they think about college. #college

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi May 18, 2016 843 views

How competitive will I have to be to get a job?

Is this a growing field? Are there a lot of OTs? #occupational-therapy #occupational-health

Brisa’s Avatar
Brisa Oct 28, 2016 1144 views

What is an average day like for an occupation therapist?

One of the careers I'm looking at for the future is Occupational Therapy. To help me decide, I was wondering what an average day at work is like for an occupational therapist. #medicine #science #therapy #occupational-therapy

Dalisha’s Avatar
Dalisha May 20, 2016 950 views

Would I be able to only stay in the pediatrics field in occupational therapy because I want to work with children? Does that include encouraging them to get physically fit and healthy again?

I originally wanted to be a pediatrician because I love working with kids and I believe that that's what I want to do with my life. I love helping people especially children. I started college as a biology major but after taking courses in Biology, I realized that Biology isn't for me. Many...