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Ava May 10, 2018 643 views

While in high school, how do you know if medical school is the right decision / path?

I'm currently a junior in high school, and just wondering how I can know whether or not I really want to go into medicine. I've heard that shadowing is a good way to find out, but I don't know any doctors and its really hard to find opportunities for people under 18. Suggestions? #medicine...

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany May 09, 2018 439 views

Could you go to college for 2 years to be a professional singer?

I have to do a research project for school this way once I graduate high school I have an idea of what I want to do and where I want to go.#singer #afterhighschoolplans

kirankumar’s Avatar
kirankumar Jun 23, 2016 744 views

in busness what are the branchers are there

i want to become businessman #college #student #businessman

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Markia Jan 16, 2018 573 views

What are the first year risks associated with being a salon owner?

I am currently enrolled in a Business Administration program so that I can turn my talent of hair braiding and styling into my business and become a salon owner. I am unsure of all of risks associated with owning a business, let alone a hair salon. #beauty-industry #beauty #businessownership...

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Aug 15, 2016 907 views

How long after entering the media/entertainment career do you start to see success?

I'm a very anxious person, and when it comes to entertainment I love to see the excitement and the demand people bring forth for continue. Not everything that is being marketed is going to be main streamed right away, so I just wanted to know how long would it usually take, on average?...

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Mireia Jan 17, 2018 1433 views

Which celebrity or public figure do you look up to?

Was asked this in an interview and was wondering how professionals would respond. What are employers/interviewers looking for when they ask this? How should I go about answering this? #interview #mock-interviews #interviews #interviewskills #interviewing-skills #rolemodel #interview-questions...

INGRID’s Avatar
INGRID Jan 16, 2018 422 views

Will they consider me, with my degree, as anyone else with the same degree, but of different age?

AFter losing my employment of 14 years. I neca,e motivated to finish my degree. Once I finish, with the lack of jobs, and the competition, will I still have the same opporunity to be interviewed and hired, as anyone else, of a lesser age.#publicadministrationjobs

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raju May 05, 2016 1120 views

i want to become a administrative assistant/secretary? which subject i want to take!

hi! i am interested in administrative assistant/secretary please guide my career i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #any #professional

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Feb 02, 2017 861 views

What is a good Volunteering idea for Health Administration?

Im sophmore at Rutgers University. I plan on majoring in Heath Administration. What are some good places to volunteer at so that i can learn more? #college #healthcare #volunteering #hospital-and-health-care #public-health #young-adults

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 09, 2017 988 views

What type of qualifications do I need to become an administrative assistant or manager?

I have basic certifications for Microsoft Office and am attending college for a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I wonder what all I can do with that degree in terms of network management and administration. #management #information-technology #administration #project-management...

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Feb 13, 2018 685 views

Certificate in Administrative Assistant worth it?

I’m currently enrolled in college to get a certificate on Administrative Assistant but I’ve seen the job postings and mostly all of them say Masters or they need previous experience. Would I need to get an Associate in Administrative Assistant?

#administrative #administrative-work

Abdulwahab’s Avatar
Abdulwahab Jan 28, 2017 799 views

What are the various jobs available in this field?

In Business and Administration. #business