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What are some common problems people have that can be solved with mobile apps?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what are some problems you have experienced before because I am interested in creating a unique app, through coding, targeted to solving some of your problems. However, I am stuck and would like to know some of your input.

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3 answers

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Joshua’s Answer


There are so many different processes that are antiquated and need some level of reformation. If you are looking for a project or two, reach out and we can set up a time to talk. I have a few projects i am currently involved in and i can talk to some of my architects and see if they have something you can help with that will help you develop your skills! Remember; the wheel already works great and has for years, there are always ways to make it better without reinventing it. What that means is the really hard part of any business model has already been done successfully-- testing market fit/validation. People spend millions of dollars trying to see if their "new & improved" products or services are even what people want! I suggest while you are still learning to work on improving your skills first and getting very solid fundamentals down pat, pushing yourself to the next level and then reaching and developing something brand new and disruptive. I want to be clear that I'm not saying "Don't push yourself", i'm saying make sure you push yourself at the right time. Hope this helps :).

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Joanne’s Answer

See if you can watch:

"The Human Face of Big Data" on PBS


This documentary was AWESOME and illustrates that many uses of data. Just imagine the good you can do if you put a friendly mobile app in front of it.

For example, our local food bank, the Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ), just created a mobile app. It's a great interface to help people find summer meal locations.


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Taylor’s Answer

Hey Josephine! Great idea! That's an amazing way to get some experience while solving a problem.

Actually, I would start with some of the most popular apps on there and think "Is this the best way of doing this?". How can I do something better than another app? One of my favorite ones is Yelp. Its quite honestly a terrible app that doesn't integrate well with the desktop version. The categories are quite subjective and you can't rate by service, food, ambiance, parking, etc. etc. like other services such as Trip Advisor. Can you code an app that gives me a better experience to rate restuarants or find a resturant to eat at? Maybe we can create a filter that shows resturants I would like to eat at because of someone with similar tastes?

That's one I can think of off the top of my head, but you can look at some other apps like Uber or Airbnb and think on how you can improve them. Who knows, they might even hire you if you succeed :)

Good luck!