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How do you find a good college?

Asked New York, New York

Im having a hard time trying to decide what school i want to pursue. I am currently going into my last year of high school and looking to improve my grades so that i can get into a good college. I am looking at design and art schools because I am currently majoring in Industrial design. #design #graphic-design #industrial-design #college #apply #art

4 answers

Kristan’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
Terrence, I agree with Alwyn; there are many colleges and universities to choose from. I would say that the university/college experience is about a lot more than just the classes and with that in mind, things to consider may be whether you want a residential school-one that you live on campus or nearby or if you will be commuting, the geographical location of the school-is it important to be close to home or is this the opportunity you have been waiting for to live in a new part of the country, the size of the school-larger schools may offer more classes with larger class sizes and more variety yet smaller schools may offer more classes taught by professors who are accessible for help outside of class, is the cost of the school a factor, will you be looking into financial assistance or grants. If there is a college counselor available at your high school then connect with them. If you have additional resources then it could be very beneficial to hire a consultant who can guide you in a direction that makes sense for you. Lastly, there are some terrific books available that can help with narrowing down the number of schools you apply to and walk you through the selection process. Remember too that if the first school is not a good fit then consider transferring. I know plenty of kids who have transferred, and it has been a blessing in disguise. Enjoy the process as this is a very exciting time in your life.

Alwyn’s Answer

Updated Brockton, Massachusetts
Although you should always strive to have the best grades, there are plenty of universities and colleges to choose from. There is one out there right for you and your future pursuits. With technology comes access to information. Review universities/colleges that specialize in industrial design based on class size - the smaller the more attention you will have, the less you can hide but if your goal is to excel then you want small class sizes.

Simon’s Answer

Updated Greensboro, Georgia
The northeast have many good schools for industrial design fields. First, I would try to keep the cost at a reasonable level. Coming out of school with $200, 000 debt will really impact you n the first 10 years of working when you are trying to get a career established. Cost can be kept down by staying attending in state schools, getting scholarships and graduate as soon as you can. I have hired many engineers, and have been more impressed with students who are consistent in their grades (not necessarily "A" students), and who have some co-op or other work experience during summers. Good luck .

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

It really depends, what programs you want to learn so you can narrow your search down, you have to find a college where you can commute to, housing situation (do you want to find a college that provide residential housing near campus or do you want to live in a dorm?), good grades do lead to good scholarships, and are you looking for specifically professors you want to learn from? These are all factors when finding a good college, price and location.

Since you're right off the bat of high school, I would seek a counselor around your high school to help you narrow down your search, you might sound lost and unsure but at this point, you have a lead. From there, look up colleges that have the degrees you seek, the money isn't the problem to one who strives but it's definitely nerve racking at times.

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