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what are the pros and cons of having a career in animal sciences?

I'm just wondering if animal sciences is a good field to get into when I go to college and pursue a career in after college and to see what I would enjoy (and dislike) about working in the animal sciences field.

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2 answers

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Courtney’s Answer

That's a very general question so I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. But if you want to have a career in animal sciences, I would suggest you already have a specific career in mind by researching what types of careers are available for that major .

Here's the mistake I've seen several of my recent college grad friends make. They got degrees in: animal science, wildlife and fisheries, equine science; wildlife biology, etc. But before getting those degrees, they didn't do any research as to what types of jobs are available for those degrees and are now disheartened that they have graduated college and are working at vet clinics doing Vet Tech work (which you can qualify for without a degree or with a certificate program and pay is low). Or they're kennel assistants at dog kennels (again pay is low). Or they're stuck doing research in a lab when they'd rather be outside with animals.

One of the people that posted before me mentioned that he was raised in the horse business so he already knew before getting his animal science degree that it would benefit his desired career path because he already knew that he was going to be working with horses.

The con of working in the animal science field is that the pay can be all over the place.

Here are some jobs you can do with a Bachelor's degree in animal science:

  • artificial insemination technician
  • research biologist
  • Ag extension agent
  • meat inspector
  • Zoo keeper

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Gregory’s Answer

So I myself got a degree in Equine Science from MTSU. I was raised in the horse business and wanted to be the best I could. It has helped me tremendously because I work, live and play horses everyday. I am able to train, rehab, diagnose (most of the time) and treat illness, We breed artificially and am able to check mares for pregnancy. I learned so much that has helped me in this field.