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What´s the daily routine for an anesthesiologist?

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4 answers

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Richard’s Answer

In hospital anesthesiologists spend the majority of their day placing patients under general anesthesia for surgery and monitor them throughout the procedure.

The other option is working in a pain clinic. They evaluate patients with pain and prescribe therapy including pain medication, pain injections and other procedures, or referral to surgeons for more invasive therapy.

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Lindsey’s Answer

Great question Briana. I'm sorry it hasn't been answered yet! I thought I'd share some super helpful Q&A threads about anesthesiology for you to read in the meantime:

What's it like being an anesthesiologist day to day?

Is anesthesiology a growing specialty?

What are some good medical schools for anesthesiology?

What education is required to become an anesthesiologist?

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Corey’s Answer

still interested??
Early days: In OR at 0630, OR starts at 0730. Long days. Usually finish around 4-5p unsell on call. Oncall 4-5/ month where you are in house all night with labor patients, emergency airway management, emergency surgery, placing breathing tubes in the ICU...Average week is 50-55hours I'd guess.
Some anesthesiologists work unpin clinics: more like a regular doctors' hours.
Some work in ICU: pretty long hours but not tied to the OR
In OR, we either prove direct patient care or supervise. Either way, we are responsible for the management of all ages of patients with every medical condition you can imagine all while maintaining vigilance for the rare but constant threat of a life-threatening emergency.

Sounds rough I bet but there are many perks:
We work as a team with awesome surgeons, RN's and staff.
We meet all kinds of patients and they are almost always thrilled to meet us as we provide reassurance that they will do well.
we help drive the real engine of most hospitals: the OR
We have constant challenges- it is never the same day twice
It feels great to have the trust of patients

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Estelle’s Answer

As a surgeon, I work with anesthesiologists all the time! The day of an anesthesiologist is busy. You will be working to put patients to sleep for surgeries. You will assist in epidurals for women in labor and post-anesthesia recovery. It is a challenging but fulfilling career!