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If I Major In Buisness How Would I Turn That Into A Career ? What Could I Do With A Degree From That ?

I Need To Kno That I Can Have A Career With What I Would Major In . And How Could I Use My Degree To Be Successful In Life , Because I Really Still Am Undecided Still But I Have A Couple Ideas Of What I Wanna Do But I'm Still Not Completely Sure #business-management #undecided #business #college-major #career

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3 answers

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Lashay’s Answer

Hi Clotia: This is a question that I have received often. Business is a very broad topic because business covers a large amount of areas including: finance, accounting, individual spending, business-to- business, import and export, entrepreneurship, and several other topics. Entrepreneurship is growing in popularity but is risky, opening your own business comes with start-up costs and has slow growth in the beginning along with long hours, but with planning it can and has been done. Once in college, you will have the chance to talk with professors and professionals in the field of business. I recommend asking yourself what first attracted you to business, then review the requirements for the specific business topic you are considering. You can also just get a better understanding at: occupational outlook handbook (type business in the searchbox on the website). Also review onetonline.com and also take some time to review the details of various job titles that appear by clicking on the job title. Good luck and hope this helps!

Lashay recommends the following next steps:

Occupational outlook handbook search business
Onetonline.org search business

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Junnie’s Answer

Hi Clotia, my parents advised me to pursue a business degree, and I have the similar difficulty to see the what can I be with a business degree, especially I'm a very tactile person, but I still listen to my parents and achieved a AS in Business Administration and later on I continue with my MBA later in my career.

In every company that I have been with, business administration/ management is the big picture of how things function in a company. After your first year in college, you might have taken subjects like marketing, accounting, human resources, finance, business law and etc. You may always pick a field that you are passionate in, and you can always major in those fields as well.

Education is step one to give you some basic of knowledge, hence a business degree give you the big picture of how a business should function and able to run a business successfully.

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Marcel’s Answer

Well my friend, business is a very broad subject, define in what field you want to continue the path.

Once you know what field in business you want to work with see what are the needs of that particular field on the market and apply solutions like, doing consulting yourself in that specific area.