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Balancing reality and a dream?

I've wanted to study engineering, more specifically mechanical, since before I entered high school. And although I still love the discipline and have no doubts about my desire, I know that one reason I like the path is that it is relatively secure. But recently, I've had a dream of going into the sports media world, because I've been obsessed about stuff like that since I was a kid. I'm not looking for a "Go for it!" or "If you can dream it, you can do it!" answer, I want someone's honest opinion.
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4 answers

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Ron’s Answer

I graduated many, many years ago as a MEchanical engineer, I designed Power Plants, refineries as a low pressure hydraulics engineer. Then I worked in aerospace on missle silos using high pressure hydraulics. Then when I wanted a change I moved to software companies running support groups, then I ended up managing Information Technology teams for software development companies.

In short, the degree teaches you to think, and then do what you like and is fun. There are ways of getting to where you want using different vehicles. Just make sure for most days, you get up wanting the challenge of your job.

Ron recommends the following next steps:

Look at backgrounds of sports management professionals, see what majors they had.

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Glenn S.’s Answer


As you requested, I will not sugar coat any of this.

I like your question. You have 2 passions and that is a tough decision. I am not an expert in sports media, but from what I have heard from friends of friends is that it is a tough area to get into. The first question is what area of sports media are you interested in, announcing, writing, camera man, video production .... Depending on what you choose, this will focus your education and your ability to get into this area. For announcers, it usually starts with volunteering at high schools or small colleges and working up to minor league sports or bigger schools.

Engineering or Mechanical Engineering is a tough program in most schools. It is for the people who are good at math and physical science, who have focus, and are willing to put in the effort. Once you have graduated, there are a lot of opportunities. I have been focused on product development for medical devices and consumer electronics. There is a shortage of engineers in this country and we can always use more passionate people as yourself to join the ranks. Overall, I have found the career very rewarding and I love the part that you are always learning and contributing.

You can always choose to do both. There is no reason that you make one a career choice and one a hobby. Engineer by day and announcer by night or weekend. Or you find a career path that allow you to do engineering work in the sports media environment.

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Bashobi’s Answer

If you can be an engineer, then be it. Not everyone can be an engineer. The skills required to do your job will keep you on your toes and alert and make you versatile. You can be an engineer who communicates all across the board, or an engineer who is brooding and just enjoys the outcome of her thought-process. Some skills like analytics, maths will keep your mind sharp. And you could still enjoy sports and media, if there ever is presented a "CHANCE"., by way of education or knowledge.

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Ani’s Answer

Hi Andrea, there is no straightforward answer to your questions as Mechanical Engineering and Sports Media are disparate fields in nature. But one thing for sure is if you like math and science and love problem solving and analytical thinking, engineering is a good field to be in as it can teach you a lot of different skills which can be applied in case you change fields later. For example, I did an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Finance, and I currently work at a professional services firm, where my job is a balanced combination of Engineering, Accounting, and Finance concepts.

So here are few options for you:

1) Take up Mechanical engineering as your Major in a college that allows you to either get a minor in Sports Media or atleast take up few courses to see if they really spark your interest that much.

2) As someone suggested, you can still do Mech Engg as your major and either intern or get a full-time job as an engineer at a Sports Media company. May be you will have some access to people doing the Sports Media roles you fancy and then decide for yourself if you want be in that career path

3) Be an engineer by day and sports media person by night