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Ani Rekulapalli, ASA

Manager, Deals - Tangible Asset Valuation at PwC San Francisco
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Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Nov 26, 2020 928 views

Best advice to entering the world of professional consulting?

I am very curious about the consulting industry and have some exposure through my on-campus non-profit consulting club, but would love to learn more about how to prepare for recruiting in the professional consulting realm.
#consulting #curious

Rafael’s Avatar
Rafael May 02, 2019 452 views

I want major in Artificial Intelligence, can you tell me something about this major?

What is the job outlook for Artificial Intelligence professionals in the coming decades? I'm planning on earning a Artificial Intelligence degree during my undergraduate degree, and I was hoping to learn the prospects of the career, itself, should I choose to pursue further education in the...

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Apr 26, 2019 1827 views

How many hours does a engineer work for?

#engineering #engineer

Axel’s Avatar
Axel Mar 28, 2019 1851 views

What kind of jobs are in high demand?

I want to do something that will allow me to earn a six figure income.
Ideally something involving business and technology
I love working with others
#business #career #engineering #technology

Partap’s Avatar
Partap Apr 04, 2019 717 views

What do you like about mechanical engineering and/or electrical engineering?

What is interesting about #engineering #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering

Anwar’s Avatar
Anwar May 17, 2018 644 views

How do you make the most of your STEM college education to succeed in your career? What elements that helps you establish yourself in a work/research environment? Any important set of skills, experiences, courses ...?

#career #engineering #success #career-path #STEM

Alvaro’s Avatar
Alvaro Jan 16, 2018 1529 views

What is the benefit of debit cards over credit cards in college?

I am going to be entering college soon and need to pay for things without carrying cash, should I use debit or credit? #financial-planning #finance #credit-cards #banking #college

Payton’s Avatar
Payton Oct 08, 2018 2254 views

Can I major in STEM without being good at math?

I'm not very good at math but biomedical engineering sounds very interesting to me. Should I pursue this major? #engineering #math #stem #major #computer #college #biomedical #science

Elton’s Avatar
Elton Feb 08, 2017 837 views

Does Engineering jobs pay well?

I am a high school student who wants to learn about this job. #engineering

Abdulwahab’s Avatar
Abdulwahab Jan 07, 2017 916 views

What educational preparation would you recommend for a Finance student in order to advance in the field?

Am a Finance student in sophomore year and I was wondering what certain steps would help me prepare to get hired and advance further in the field? #college #business #graduate #business-development #college-student #finance

Kendyll’s Avatar
Kendyll Jul 18, 2018 1060 views

How can I decide what field of engineering is best to pursue if I don't know which one I prefer?

#field #engineering #choosing-career

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Mar 15, 2018 2110 views

What is the workload for an average finance major?

I am currently a high school senior anxious to get out of high school and pursue a major in finance. I have received many mixed messages regarding the workload of an average college student (which makes sense), but I would like to know more specifically what the workload would be for my major?...

Joey’s Avatar
Joey Mar 20, 2018 658 views

Which professions are best in the field of finance?

I'm newly returning to school after taking a few years off and completely changing my degree to finance. I'm good with numbers, but still not entirely sure which route to go after college. #finance

Shefali’s Avatar
Shefali May 30, 2017 1083 views

Are more innovative jobs available in chemical engineering or computer science during college? What can/should I do in high school to work toward each job?

I am a high school junior and I love the way I get to think in my chemistry class, but I also love engineering and making things with code. I am trying to decide on a major for college. #computer-science #engineering #chemistry #chemical-engineering #career-details

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Oct 21, 2018 555 views

How does having a finance major help you in the real life

#finance #major