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how to prepare for college interview?

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7 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

In addition to the great advice you've received, I'd add the following.

There are typically four types of interview questions for admissions: College Specific; Personality; Activities, Interests, Goals; and Broadly Speaking. Do your homework. If you haven't researched the university or given attention to why you want to go, what experience and education you hope to gain, this should be a priority. Have a few questions of your own to ask (and don't ask about something that you can find the answer to easily by looking at the website - in other words, don't insult their intelligence. ask a question meaningful to you but that you truly can't find the answer to easily).

College Specific
• Why Stanford?
• How do you think you would contribute? (on campus, in the classroom)

• Describe yourself in three adjectives, and explain your choices.
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Activities, Interests, and Goals
• What has been your most interesting activity in high school? Why?
• Tell me about your favorite book.
• Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are you doing?

Broadly Speaking ….
• If you were given $1000, what would you do with it?
• You have the ability to change anything, what would it be?
• What is your opinion about [current topic/issue]?

In general, it's good to remember to be yourself, make eye contact, and enjoy the conversation!

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Hi Jennifer, Your advice is really helpful! Some questions really stunned me a little. I would not have answered them wisely if I do not prepare. I guess I just need to relax and present my true self to them. The truth would be the best answers to the questions. Thank you for your questions! Joy Joy Z.

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Natalie’s Answer

College interviews are a great opportunity for both the college and yourself to get to know each other. It is important to remember that these interviews are a great way for you to narrow down a hard choice for which institution to spend the next few years of your life at. As such, I think that it is important to do research on the institution that is interviewing you and come prepared with questions for them to show demonstrated interest and to give yourself the opportunity for first hand/personal experiences.

Additionally, it is important to know and be able to talk about any information that you submitted to the college that will be interviewing you. Come prepared to talk about your resume and college essay.

Remember, colleges are trying to impress you as well in this process as they want applicants to selected them as their top choices.

Be yourself and use this as a learning opportunity for both college selection and the interview process!

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Timothy’s Answer

Hello Joy,

I think its great that you're thinking ahead. Keep that mentality moving forward and I'm sure you'll do great things in life!

The College Interview is a great way for you to learn more about the college and ask any questions you may have about the institution. Also, it gives the college an opportunity to get to know you and your interests when it comes to their institution. To prepare I would advise you to go over some practice questions with a friend or family member. (i.e. Tell me about yourself? Why are you interested in attending this institution? What are your academic strengths and weaknesses?) You'll find questions about the College Interview Process all over the internet for more example questions.

I would also recommend that you come with your own questions about the college. They may be interviewing you, but you should also be interviewing them as your college of choice. Be yourself and do not be nervous (easier said than done at times). Dress nice so that they see you are serious about your attending of their school and I am sure you will have a great interviewing experience.

Hi Timothy, Thank you for your advice! So there would not be definite questions for college to ask, I would have to prepare to introduce my background and be confident! Thank you~ Thanks, Joy Joy Z.

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Poonam’s Answer


Lying can backfire on you! The individual sitting before you has adequate experience of interviews and can without much of a stretch know when you are faking it. So, keep it genuine and just write in your CV, what you have really accomplished. Else, more often than not, you would be in a soup.


More than whatever else, the anxiety hampers most interviews. Just before going into the interview room, take a couple of deep breaths and unwind your nerves. It for sure, makes a difference!


This can be a significant undertaking thinking of it as’ the first occasion when you are sitting for an interview.

for more details: interview tips

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Richard’s Answer

Do your research! Search online for the most common questions. If you know your interviewer, search for their research interest and publications.

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Rachel’s Answer

All of the above recommendations are excellent. I would just like to add a few suggestions.

1. Arrive early to your interview (10-15 minutes). Never late.
2. Be respectful to your interviewer (Yes ma'am/yes sir).
3. Dress well. Shower before hand. Wear a suit or at least a button down for a man. Business casual for a woman.

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Richard’s Answer

Do your research! Search online for the most common questions. If you know your interviewer, search for their research interest and publications.