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Paul K Duenas

Data Center Facilities Manager
Frederick, Maryland
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Domenica May 19, 2020 1440 views

What are some pros and cons of working as a Facilities Technician or working in Facility Maintenance

I am a student at Job Corps and my vocation is Facility Maintenance and I wanted to know what the pros and cons for this vocation is as a reference for what career pathways I can take. #construction #career

Jerome’s Avatar
Jerome Sep 20, 2019 438 views

What are the downfalls of becoming a carpenter?

#carpenter #construction

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 04, 2019 470 views

how difficult is it to obtain all 9 certifications for facility maintenance

#facility maintenance.

Shanvi’s Avatar
Shanvi Apr 23, 2020 510 views

What are good electives for a high schooler interested in technology and engineering?

For next year's school session I am having trouble selecting my classes and electives. I don't want to pick electives that won't be useful in my career (whatever career that may be), so I'm just puzzled on what to choose. I'm interested in possibly pursuing #technology and #engineering

jay’s Avatar
jay Jul 17, 2019 420 views

hollow I'm new and going into the automotive business and getting training to get my first certification do you have any tip?


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Sema'j Oct 08, 2019 280 views

What is the most challenging part of the job? (Facilities Maintenance)

#FacilitiesMaintenance #Construction

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 04, 2019 315 views

what type of education do you need in order to be a top professional facility maintenance

#facility maintenanc

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Edward Aug 23, 2019 347 views

How long does it tack to get your ID welding

I Edward i really like to work for big companies ass a welder i in Job corps to learn more about welding . #business