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Bill Lorigan, RA, NCARB

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Rene’s Avatar
Rene Oct 31, 2022 138 views

What are the best thing to learn before going into architecture and what are some things to consider when starting my own construction company?

I was thinking of starting my own construction company before going into architecture because I was going to use the money from my company to pay for architecture school.

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Nov 10, 2022 142 views

What are some good architectural programs for seniors in high school?

What are some good, affordable architectural programs?

I've been researching good areas and schools where the programs are affordable for high school students, and some schools are far and expensive. If there are any good recommendations, preferably online, that would be amazing!

Keira’s Avatar
Keira Jan 18, 2018 4010 views

What qualifications it takes to become an architect?

To influence my decision into going in a career in architecture by providing me more knowledge of what an architect do. Thanks for reading my question.
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