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Community and Social Service Occupations
Bayamón, Puerto Rico
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Serenity Mar 01, 2021 510 views

Are their any counseling careers available with a degree in nursing?

#Counseling #Iliketotalk #nursing

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Alex Aug 22, 2020 1091 views

Recommendations for making the most of gap year(s) before grad school?

I plan on obtaining my master's in counseling within the next few years, but I'd like to take a gap between undergrad and grad. What advice do you have for making the most of these gap years? I'd love to use this time to gain relevant experience, but it seems like entry-level positions that are...

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Alex May 27, 2020 701 views

How exactly does one go about becoming a registered Clinical Psychologist? What can you do from there?

Hi, I adore psychology and I someday aim to become a clinical psychologist. However I’m not sure what to do to get there; what high school and university / college courses to take, which countries would have the best opportunities, etc. My 3 main goals are to volunteer in the UN, work in a...

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 549 views

If given the choice, would you leave the metal refining business?

Is this a job that you enjoy thoroughly or would you give it up in a heartbeat for anything new? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner