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Taylor A. Oct 30, 2016 558 views

Is the medical field a stressful job?

I want my job to be a job I enjoy and do not have to get so worked up about. I understand that ever job might get stressful at some point, I just do not want it to be a constant stress every day. stress...


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judith G. Nov 15, 2019 157 views
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Jennifer P. May 30, 2020 273 views

1) If you do something you love for a living, like writing or playing you r instrument, do you ever get sick of what you love? Does it become a chore rather than a hobby? 2) As an English teacher, what are some hardships you had to face in your career?

I am a future English teacher for secondary education! I have a unique case, I am also majoring in Music at the same. I am an avid piano player and an English book nerd....


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Ruby J. May 31, 2020 764 views
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Katy T. Jun 12, 2020 697 views

How do I get a job at 14 years old?

My name is Katy, and I'm 14 years old. I want to get a summer job....