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Charlotte, North Carolina
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Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Nov 19, 2019 236 views

What years should be taken for the nursing career?

I would like to know how many years are studying this career because I like it. #nurse

Addryan’s Avatar
Addryan Oct 03, 2019 329 views

when does it get rough when you are working in the field as a rn

#nursing-education #nurse

Mariana’s Avatar
Mariana Sep 18, 2019 352 views

Do you enjoy your job?

#career #nursing

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Aug 23, 2018 400 views

Where are the best programs to get a DNP from?

I know I want to pursue a DNP, but I'm not sure what the best options are. #nursing #nurse #nurse-practitioner #doctor #medicine #med-school #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

kazim’s Avatar
kazim Jun 13, 2020 811 views

i need help finding my passion and building a strong foundational skills

I am a wildly curious person about life as we all are but I think that one of the things that I am lacking is that I have no passion and that I don't have an interest. I also feel that I lack a strong foundation and I have no foundation when it comes to anything and I am not good at anything....

Skyla’s Avatar
Skyla Jun 15, 2020 583 views

If you graduate college with a bsn do you still have to go to nursing school or can you take the nlcex

This is my question that I have please answer it #nurse