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Management Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Danny Feb 26, 2017 919 views

Great tools / examples for first resumes

Hi everyone, I'm preparing my resume for my first intern. Mainly for HR positions in Hong Kong. I'm researching to find a simple yet standing out resumes. Do you guys have any good templates, examples, or tools for building resumes? I'd appreciate your personal examples too if you have one!...

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Stephen Mar 18, 2015 10256 views

What is the best technology major to choose in order to get a job at a big tech company like Apple, or Google.

I am a High School senior, and I have a passion for technology, but I do not want to major in computer science due to the intense amount of math. What other majors are available in order to still get a job at a major tech company. #technology #career-path #majors #google #apple