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Faith Oct 26, 2016 875 views

Does doing well in classes not specific to majors important?

I am a math/science based person, and i cannot do as well in history and literature/language. Will this affect me in the long run? #stem #women-in-stem #stem-education

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Anicia Nov 05, 2020 1039 views

is it ok to not know what to do after high school?

#high-school #high-school-students #career

g’s Avatar
g Oct 21, 2020 802 views

Is a business management class worth it?

Im in eighth grade and I want to be a copywriter (in advertising). Right now applications for high school are open. My local high school offers some good programs and has a lot of departments for kids wanting to pursue a career in business, technology and media arts. I wanted to know if a...