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Aun Oct 01, 2023 2352 views

Should I focus on Embedded Systems or Data science/analytics?

I'm studying computer engineering in my 2nd year, and in the summer I'll be applying for a co-op. I've done my research and it appears that embedded systems has a steeper learning curve and barrier to entry than let's say data analytics. Both are not easy, but getting an internship as a data...

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Clotia Jan 16, 2018 780 views

I Really Wanna major In Theatre But I Also Want To Take Business Classes . To Have As A Back Up . Would Me Taking Business Classes Help Me In The Future Or Would I Have To Major In It For It To Really Help Me ?

I'm Asking This Question Because I Want To Know That If My Acting Doesn't Work Out N I Took Business Classes Would That Help Me In The Future Or Would I Have To Go Back To School In Major For That.
#theater #women-in-business #career-paths