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Rose Anne Manlapaz

Senior Auditor
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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crystal’s Avatar
crystal Apr 10, 2019 884 views

how can i know what job i want


Navya’s Avatar
Navya May 08, 2021 2578 views

How to know which career is best for me? Is career test really help full


Darren’s Avatar
Darren Apr 26, 2021 750 views

How can I identify if what really are my weaknesses?

I am afraid of failures. #healthcare #medicine #college-bound

Maryil’s Avatar
Maryil May 02, 2021 854 views

What is your job objective?

I am a #students #job Hospitality Management student.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle May 10, 2021 1893 views

How would I be satisfied?

Hi, I’m a freshman in high school. Time is strange to me, this year had gone by fast. I will be in tenth grade next year and it’s scary. I mean I have no goals while everyone is running ahead already. I don’t even think I will make it to college. What happens after that? What if I’m just going...