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Saica B.’s Avatar
Saica B. Jul 08, 2021 146 views

How did you go about becoming a Nurse Anesthetist? What does a Nurse Anesthetist do on a day-to-day basis? How much do entry-level Nurse Anesthetist make right out of college?

My name is Saica , I am 24 years old currently getting my CNA trade but what I really want is to become a Nurse Anesthetist and i would love some information on the do's and don'ts on becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. nursing nurse healthcare...


Rosemary G.’s Avatar
Rosemary G. Jul 09, 2021 157 views

What are the steps to becoming a registered NICU nurse and how long does it take?

Im trying to find a good career for me and know that I would love to work with babies such as a NICU nurse and I just want to know what steps are needed to get there. nursing registered-nurses healthcare nurse...


Xavier K.’s Avatar
Xavier K. Jul 10, 2021 854 views

How do I motivate myself to try hard when no one else is motivating nor inspiring me to try.

I try to motivate people in my life to see my friends and family succeed in life. I also try to make my friends happy, even if it makes me sad. career...