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Daniel Feb 07, 2022 507 views

What is the best language to learn for a computer science career?

I am really interested in going into the field of work of a software engineer or somewhere in the IT department. I know that there are plenty of ways I can prepare for a job like that. I am wondering which language will help me most for the future. I also want to know which language would be...

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Oct 25, 2021 307 views

How long does it typically take to develope a game?

Would you have to buy software or is it just difficult all together?
#video-games #software-engineering #computer

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Oct 07, 2021 467 views

What UC is best for computer science?


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Jiaqi Sep 28, 2021 284 views

I am interested in computer hardware. What job I can do for this.

#computer I am 9th grade. I want to build my own storage server.