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Latavis D. May 05, 2016 635 views

How do you create a game

Video game game...


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Janaa S. Jul 27, 2021 98 views

what is the career you wanna do and love

i wanna do fashion i love dressing up i love wearing make up i love the style all the celebrities be wearing i even love dressing up my son and my nieces and nephews up...


Brandon N.’s Avatar
Brandon N. Aug 02, 2021 343 views

How can I become a billionaire.

I’m 15, I love wrestling and I’m very kind and I love money and favorite color is blue....


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Samiyah H. Aug 03, 2021 148 views

My career goal is to be successful.

I want to be successful because I want to show all the people in the world that anybody can be successful all it takes is a little help....