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Michael Johnson

Tutor in Science, Math, and History. I help with wireless tech
Newport, North Carolina
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Edwin Nov 07, 2021 319 views

What was your biggest inspiration that led to your career path?

I want to know what made people choose the current path they follow. Do they enjoy their job or are they doing it for the money? Was there a large event that happened or was there an underlying passion for your career? #career-choice

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Oct 19, 2021 259 views

What are the advantages/opportunities for advancement in maintenance

I am freshman in high school looking at maintenance jobs as a career # #job

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Oct 08, 2021 323 views

How many job opportunities are there for veterinary technicians?

#veterinary #job #animal-health

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Leandra Aug 05, 2021 354 views

What is an underrated career field

Something that is good, but doesn't get much recognition #career #career-choice #career-path

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Ruan Jul 24, 2021 507 views

which career fields suit me

#career #career-choice #career-path

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junhua Oct 06, 2021 336 views

Was career needed?

#career-choice #career #career-path