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Danielle Pankow

Agency Automation
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Canton, Michigan
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C Nov 02, 2021 500 views

What is considered a good career?


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Minh May 18, 2016 1423 views

Is it possible for students adapt to new career paths that are unrelated to their major? And if so, what steps should they take?

A lot of times, people end up having a new passion that is unrelated to their degree. I have seen many professionals gain high profile jobs even though they had a degree that was unrelated to their career. I was curious to see how a student could gain experience in a different field and dive...

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bryce Dec 02, 2021 574 views

what are some college tips for highschoolers?

what advice could you give to people who are still in high #college #help school about their college future

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Jason Nov 08, 2021 566 views

What is the best career path to take if I want a stable job.

#career-path #psychology #career #job