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Release Management Consumer Software & Services
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Kirkland, Washington
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Britanie May 12, 2016 3310 views

What are some study skills or daily habits that really helped you stay organized in college or a busy work life?

I am planning to attend college in a few months. I currently balance my work, school, and social life pretty well but I understand college life will be very different. I would like to know some helpful study and organizational tips people may have developed over time in order to work as...

Amira’s Avatar
Amira May 12, 2016 1291 views

Is it better to live on or off campus?

Which one is better? #university #life #campus #dorms #off

Anina’s Avatar
Anina Apr 29, 2016 13369 views

What made you want to work in computer hardware vs computer software or vice versa?

Hi! My name is Anina, and I'm a high school senior interning for Career Village. I'm really interested in both computer hardware and computer software. How did you decide which you wanted to pursue professionally? Do I have to choose, or can I pursue both? #computer-software #engineering...