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Deacon Mar 01, 2022 203 views

Where can I find resources to get info on making money selling and breeding invertebrates?

I want to sell and breed isopods, vampire crabs, millipedes, etc. and make vivariums. Are there any good resources for how to get into this as an occupation, or, is there any type of schooling (other than entomology/zoology) that would help?

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Hector Mar 02, 2022 159 views

where can i learn more about diesel engines?

#diesel #dieselmechanic #dieselengineering

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Mar 02, 2022 132 views

What types of classes should I base my schedule around my senior year to become a Veterinarian?

I am from a small town and agriculture has played a large part in my life I have always wanted to become a #veterinarian

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laya Mar 11, 2022 285 views

What is the best way to prepare for AP tests?

what is the best way to study for test in ap world history, and prepare for the ap test?

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Alorna Mar 14, 2022 152 views

What are power plants like?

What kind of environment could I expect working in a power plant? What kind of tools and thinking skills would I use on a daily basis?