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Janet Lau

Integrative Registered Dietitian
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Mack May 24, 2016 900 views

What is a typical day in the life of a dietitian or that of an herbalist?

I really want to become a dietitian, and and an herbalist when I grow up. It seems like a really needed job, and a really fun job. I would love to do it! #health #dietitian #herbalist

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Rachel Apr 30, 2020 862 views

Can you become a dietitian by going to a liberal arts college? What are the most important majors to study?

#liberalartscollege #dietitian #nutritionist

I want to attend a 4-year liberal arts college and they typically include majors such as biology, biochemistry, and psychology. If I want to become a dietitian, would this be the right route to take?

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Vanessa Jul 27, 2018 1094 views

How much flexibility would I have as a dietitian?

I got my first bachelor's degree with a pre-med intent. After research and soul-searching, however, I decided that a doctor was not the occupation for me. I learned that many of them take few, if any, nutrition courses. It seems as if many medical schools in the US train people to write...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Aug 17, 2020 555 views

What happens in a dietitian appointment?

#dietitian #appointment

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Dahlia Sep 15, 2021 584 views

What's your favorite part of your job as a dietitian?

I am a senior at Grundy Center, I enjoy being active and working out. I have a big passion for these things and think a career in dietetics would be suiting. I plan on going to Iowa State and getting my masters in this field. #nutrition #dietitian

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audrey Oct 20, 2021 773 views

What is the job outlook for dietitians?

I am interested in becoming a dietitian and I have a few questions. first, what is the average salary for a dietitian and what is the max that I can make as a dietitian? also are there going to be more available jobs in this profession over the next few years, or less?
#career #dietitian