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Marissa Davis, PMP, NPDP

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Jasmine Apr 18, 2022 726 views

How do I pick just one career path?

Hi, I honestly have no idea what career would be best for me. One I could succeed in, I want to be a nurse but at the same time a photographer and a writer. I do write stories because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and photography my dad got me into that and I love it. I am only in high...

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 12, 2022 560 views

Do you think exploring all industries is a good choice?

Hello! I am still not sure if being a "project manager" is a good fit for me. Currently, I am open to trying out internships in different industries. I want a job that is flexible to work with. Should I pick one industry to explore or should I pick what's available for me? I would love to...