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Fresno, California
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Jacob’s Career Goals

My career goal is to find a job as a computer manufacturer or work in an office setting as an IT man and build my experience for a job in San Diego.

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Jacob Jun 07 222 views

What are some hard-ships you encountered out the gate of job corps in computer tech?

I need some expectations on what challenges I might face after Job Corps.

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Jacob Jun 07 169 views

What job corps certificate is best for IT/PC repair work?

Former Job Corps students, what did your certificate's get you out the gate?

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Jacob Jun 07 217 views

What education should I acquire if I want to work in an office setting as an IT/Computer Repair Technician?

So far I am working towards my office administration certificate as well as my computer technician certificate. From there I was wondering what my next step should be, I was considering getting an accelerated college degree once I was out of trade school but I know there's online certificates...

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Jacob Jun 07 278 views

What are some computer troubleshooting skills I should learn about before I join an office to be an IT guy?

I want to work in an office environment and repair computers for people from changing out the hardware and installing software for people. I guess I need more information on what skills I should learn in particular like troubleshooting wifi or peripherals things like that.