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Taylor Oct 20, 2016 435 views

How important is it to go to a highly rated engineering university?

Because I'm having a hard time deciding on a college. #college #student

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Ching Apr 02 242 views

How often is Physics used in programming? What are some jobs that utilize both physics and computer science?

I am currently taking AP Physics 1. I love physics and I would love to apply it in computer science.

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Apr 03, 2018 382 views

Is it harder to earn scholarships once you're in college?

Many of the scholarships I've applied to recently I've noticed are only provided for High School seniors. This makes me wonder... are most scholarships specifically for high school seniors or is there also a good range of scholarships for college students. #scholarships #college #freshman...

Ginger’s Avatar
Ginger Mar 08, 2018 378 views

What are some ways to get more scholarship money?

I've seen some scholarships online for Juniors, but not as much. Are there any other websites that offer a lot of scholarships? If not what are ways or programs that offer scholarship money?

#scholarships #college-funding #college

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27 130 views

What are the best math-related careers which can be done remotely?

I don't really want to relocate for my job because I want to stay close to family. However, I feel like that there would be more job opportunities outside of Kansas.