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Luisa Rivera

Resident Warranty Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Smyrna, Tennessee
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Halle’s Avatar
Halle Aug 26, 2022 453 views

Where would be a good place to go to school for auto body?

I can't decide if school is best for me, or if I could just go straight into the work force.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Aug 26, 2022 656 views

What are the working conditions like in automotive?

interested in mechanics

RD’s Avatar
RD Feb 24, 2020 504 views

how stressful is it, working on Automotive?


Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 25, 2022 508 views

Where's the best place to earn a bachelors degree in automotive engineering?

I would like to know whats the best place for me to get educated in this line of work #automotive

Lawrence’s Avatar
Lawrence Feb 02, 2022 341 views

What are the best type of mechanic shops to work in?

I want to be able to work in dealerships or small auto shops #automotive

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 15, 2019 454 views

What is the best place to inprove my skills in automotive