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Procurement & Business Operations
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Valerie Apr 07, 2015 1446 views

Which field of Anthropology offers a high-paid job?

I'm currently a Sophomore in high school and interested in Socio-Cultural anthropology. I would like to double major in anthropology and business/marketing. I want to use my communication skills to open a successful company. #business-management #cultural-studies #cultural-anthropology

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Alicia Oct 27, 2016 896 views

What college would you best recommend to major in business management and administration ?

My dream is to major in business management and administration ever since i was a little kid. i have always loved the amazing world of business and it has always inspired me to begin my own clubs, fundraisers, or even businesses. #business #business-management

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Anthony Jul 24, 2019 550 views

what does a Manufacturing Production Technician do

#Manufacturing Production Technicians #laboratory #electrical-engineering

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Kristofer Nov 27, 2022 353 views

How does people improve on their manufacturing skills outside of work and school? #FALL22

I am in school and I work, but I still want to improve more.